Better Supply Chain Decisions with Better Data 
Getting the IoT-edge in Shipment and Asset Monitoring

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Supply chains and logistics are disciplines under growing pressure to deliver.

Growing pressure from customers, from the competition, and from cost-conscious management is driving a shift to leaner, more intricate, more agile supply chains.

They've evolved like automotive engines, from simple mechanics to more complex dynamics, with hundreds of moving parts working in synchrony.

With great complexity comes great complication however.

Today’s demand-driven supply chains need better awareness, closer collaboration, and better communication between logistics partners to create a seamless customer experience.

Today’s shipment tracking technology, however, is still limited in its ability to track and deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right people.

Track-and-trace technologies for monitoring inventory and assets can be expensive, cumbersome to use, and don't integrate easily with existing systems. Some are scarcely more than glorified record keepers, logging data without any real context, analytics, or useful live inputs. Data is incomplete, siloed, and non-actionable.

Without supply chain visibility, companies continue to lose inventory, money, agility, and market opportunities; all because current tracking solutions don't effectively address issues with the prediction and prevention of loss, whether material or otherwise — ultimately affecting their ability to effect long-term operational improvement.

The lack of proper data, insights, and real-time responsiveness in supply chains is dragging them down.

It's also what's spurring new developments.

In this white paper, we’ll delve into:

  • How rising customer expectations are forcing supply chains into a more connected future.
  • The price of opaque supply chains, and how supply chains are scrambling for sight.
  • Connected sensors in an age of IoT — and how data, analytics, machine learning, and automation can help build smarter supply chains.
  • The essentials of an IoT-enabled supply chain monitoring solution.
  • How to build a flexible and scalable real-time supply chain monitoring system for better data-driven decision making.

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