This webinar was broadcast on May 17th, 2018

Webinar: Saving Big on Returnable Packaging with IoT

Explore how you can save millions (yes, millions!) through smart Returnable Containers & Pallet management using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based IoT technology

Pallet Management

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This 60-minute Live Webinar addressed

  How much can you really save?

Estimating your potential savings from better management of returnable shipping assets.

  Why RFID didn’t help

Many companies tried RFID based solutions to realize these savings, but couldn’t. What prevented RFID from monitoring pallets end to end?

  How to use IoT to realize these savings

By getting control of your pallets at your own warehouse, when in-transit, and at your customer locations.

About the Presenter

Vidya Subramanian

Vidya Subramanian

Vice President - Products

An energetic leader and results driven executive with over 15 years of solution delivery experience, Vidya Subramanian is the Vice President of Products for Roambee. He is responsible for product strategy, product delivery, and product management with a singular focus on product-market fit.

Before Roambee, Vidya was Co-Founder and VP Professional Services at KeyTone Technologies Inc., a RFID technology company focused on providing a technology-enabled service for real-time asset monitoring through an enterprise scale sensor-based platform. KeyTone was successfully acquired by Global Asset Tracking UK Ltd. He has also held influential and leadership roles at Plexus Technologies Inc., KPMG Consulting, Unisys, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Vidya holds a Masters in Computer Science from Temple University and dual Bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Calvin College, Michigan.

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