Expert Panel Discussion :

How to tackle the COVID-19 vaccine distribution challenge

This webinar was broadcasted on 5 November 2020


Join the discussion with senior industry experts on the COVID-19 vaccine logistics challenges and solutions.

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution will leverage new approaches. Monitoring it’s condition and guarding against excursions as it travels through the supply chain, from manufacturing to point of use, will also require fresh thinking.

The vaccine distribution has a lot at stake for all parties involved; from regulators through to pharmaceutical companies, third party logistics providers and the general population; the margin for error in delivering the vaccines promptly and within optimal conditions have never been tighter.

What will you get

In this webinar our panel of pharmaceutical supply chain experts discuss the key COVID-19 vaccine monitoring challenges, solutions and the importance of visibility amidst unprecedented speed to market, unfamiliar shipping networks and unmoderated scale-up of distribution activities.




Sanjeev Redkar Sanjeev Redkar
PhD, MBA, President & Co-Founder, Apollomics

In his previous role, Dr. Redkar was the Senior Vice President of Product Development at Astex Pharmaceuticals (part of Otsuka Group). Dr Redkar has been involved in preclinical and clinical development and global drug launches including decitabine (Dacogen) and pentostatin (Nipent). Dr. Redkar has over 24 years of oncology drug development experience with over 25 peer-reviewed publications and 150 patents. 

Greg Yonko Greg Yonko
GY Consulting

Prior to establishing GYC, Greg served as Senior Vice President for Global Sourcing and Purchasing for McKesson Corporation, a $200B, Fortune 5 Global health care company. His group managed more than 400 suppliers, $12B in inventory, and guided all of the company’s foreign and domestic procurement activities. Greg is a seasoned executive offering more than 30 years of experience in finance, purchasing, and procurement.


Vidya Subramanian Vidya Subramanian
Vice President of Products, Roambee

An energetic leader and results-driven executive with over 15 years of solution delivery experience. Vidya is responsible for product strategy, product delivery, and product management with a singular focus on product-market fit. Before Roambee, Vidya held senior leadership roles at KeyTone Technologies Inc, Global Asset Tracking UK Ltd, Plexus Technologies Inc., KPMG Consulting, Unisys, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).