Lunch & Learn

Meet your local Roambee expert over a casual "Lunch & Learn" and see how real-time IoT monitoring can impact your business ROI 

Lunch & Learn is a relaxed, informative session with your Roambee local market expert. Whether you are evaluating real-time monitoring to reduce your supply chain costs or to minimize the risk of your assets in a warehouse, yard, field or in-transit, our enjoyable Lunch & Learn experience provides you with the information you'll need to effectively understand and take advantage of Roambee's shipment and asset monitoring solutions.

Why Lunch & Learn

Why Lunch & Learn?

Getting business done doesn't have to be a chore. Enjoy relaxed and informative discussions over a delicious meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just coffee - it's your choice!
Where Lunch & Learn


Allow us to pick a nearby restaurant or, to keep it convenient for you, we'll cater lunch for you at your office.
When Lunch & Learn


Our Roambee representative will be in touch with you to work out next steps. Contact us today to get started!
Takeaway Lunch & Learn

The Takeaway?

Understand how you can leverage Roambee's shipment or asset monitoring solutions for your business needs, steps involved for implementation, and how to begin quickly improving your business ROI.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lunch & Learn
If you are a supply chain, security, finance or IT professional thinking about leveraging real-time monitoring for your shipments or assets, Lunch & Learn can help you and your colleagues understand how to leverage Roambee and maximize ROI.
Roambee has solution experts around the world. Once you request a session, our closest local market expert will contact you.
About two hours. We’ll work with you ahead of the event to ensure the time together will be highly productive.
Lunch & Learn is more relaxed and casual than a typical lunch meeting. We bring catered lunch to you at your office’s conference room, delivering a convenient, highly-productive discussion specifically addressing your unique needs.
No, we will ensure the conference room is left clean of all lunch servingware and trash after the session.
We are happy to accommodate your request. Please contact us for details.
We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, and up to 4 of your business colleagues who you feel will benefit from this time with Roambee. If you’d like to have more than 5 people attending, please contact us for more details.
We ask that all attendees to each Lunch & Learn be from the same company. This allows us to ensure that the most relevant information to your specific issues can be properly addressed.
Please contact us if you have additional questions, or to learn more about scheduling a Lunch & Learn event for your company.

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