IDC Innovators Report: Geospatial Traceability and Analytics in Supply Chain

Roambee has been named an “IDC Innovator” in the leading analyst firm’s new report, “IDC Innovators: Geospatial Traceability and Analytics in Supply Chain, 2018”.

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IDC Victoria Brown

“The combined ecosystem of IoT device, IoT platform, and outbound API offering to pass information through partners allows Roambee to compete in several different areas of the market.”

- Victoria Brown, Research Manager,
Supply Chain Strategy and Execution at IDC


Why Roambee Was Chosen as an IDC Innovator

Roambee uses IoT devices to relay transactional data live time, and it also has a platform to transmit and translate the readings into actionable information. The company has its own platform as well as a partner ecosystem of IoT platforms to relay real-time information on shipments and yard destinations and to enable visibility for everyone on the platform to track and monitor the conditions of their packages.

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